Federal Government Construction Contractors in Z2BF

Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation UT 84044-2202 USA(1)
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The federal government uses classification codes to describe the services and products that it purchases. Click on any classification title to view construction contractors working in that category.

Construction, mining, excavating & highway maintenance equipment(57)Fire fighting, rescue & safety equipment(195)Plumbing, heating, & sanitation equipment(171)Water purification & sewage treatment equipment(45)
Construction & building materials(82)(2507)(25)Maintenance, repair & rebuilding of equipment(65)
Construction of structures and facilities(116)Construction Of Office Buildings(39)(1)Construction of Other Administrative Facilities and Service Buildings(69)
(1)Construction Of Radar And Navigational Facilities(5)Construction Of Airport Runways And Taxiways(5)Construction Of Schools(5)
(9)Construction Of Hospitals And Infirmaries(79)(27)(2)
(1)(3)Construction Of Miscellaneous Buildings(115)(9)
(8)Construction Of Highways, Roads, Streets, Bridges, And Railways(140)(5)(4)
(5)(13)Contingency Water Supply(16)Construction Of Recreation Facilities (non-building)(23)
Construction Of Unimproved Real Property (land)(15)Construction Of Other Non-building Facilities(117)Construction Of Restoration Of Real Property(96)Maintenance, repair, and alteration of real property(172)
Maintenance Of Office Buildings(65)(49)(1)(4)
(69) Repair Or Alteration Of Restoration Of Real Property(53)